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Planting Instructions

  1. Mow and Water Area to be planted.

  2. Using planting tool or hand-trowel, plant plugs at intervals of 12 inches. (view planting pattern) Closer plantings of 8 inches or 6 inches will fill in faster. This pattern is recommended for shaded areas.

  3. Plant plugs by pressing plug firmly in the hole until they are level or slightly below the ground level.

  4. Always plant damp plugs into damp ground. This will make the planting process easier (do not over soak plugs). The bottom of the tray should be cool to the touch.

  5. Sometimes the plugs are tight. To finish separating plugs, use a utility knife, follow the seams and cut the grass side down to roots.

  6. Water immediately after planting and keep moist for the first two growing seasons. Daily or every other day watering will keep the moisture level up in the ground (especially during the hottest months). After the second growing season, an occasional watering will keep the zoysia green and beautiful.

  7. If the stolons (runners) encounter too much competition, they will go underground and grow only a few inches the first season and may be lost to sight.

  8. Fertilize plugs after planting with a water soluble high nitrogen fertilizer. Using GEM'S STARTER FOOD or (Miracle Grow Plant Food) is recommended.

  9. Fertilize every two weeks from the end of May to the middle of September. After the second season, fertilizing is no longer needed.

  10. Using a siphon end hose jar sprayer, add 3 tablespoons of fertilizer to 15 gallons of water per 1000/Sq. Ft.

  11. DO NOT USE WEED AND FEED products on Zoysia!

  12. Always check with us before using any chemicals on Zoysia.

  13. Keep Zoysia mowed 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches high to encourage growth and reduce competition from other grasses and weeds.

  14. Now relax and enjoy a weed free lawn that will give you years of maintenance free pleasure.


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